SMU’s 10th Anniversary Celebrated with 'Data and Cultural Analytics Seminar 2024'; Lev Manovich Confirmed

January, 2024

“Data and Cultural Analytics Seminar 2024” is an event part of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Smart Media & Users (SMU) research group at University of São Paulo, Brazil, dedicated to investigate the access and use of digital artifacts in contemporary culture by exploring digital methods. In the context of Software Studies, Information and Media objects are the main focus of SMU research, using computational, visualization, and other data science methods for exploring the nuances of digital culture.

For this seminar, we are planning a full day of activities involving a talk with Lev Manovich: “Understanding Cultural Data”. He is an artist, theorist of digital culture and one of the main and most important contemporary authors in this area of research, discussing highlights of his books, such as The Language of New Media (2001), Software Takes Command (2013) and Cultural Analytics (2020). Lev Manovich is a Presidential Professor at The Graduate Center, City University of New York, and the founder and director of the Cultural Analytics Lab. This seminar is aimed to foster, enhance and publicize the discussion on Data and Cultural Analytics, calling attention for the necessary interdisciplinary perspective and promoting national and international research collaboration in this topic. The seminar is planned to occur in May-June 2024, at School of Communication and Arts at University of São Paulo (ECA/USP), São Paulo, Brazil. Further information is to be provided sooner.

Milena’ Study on Youth and Instagram Stories During COVID-19 Pandemic Published in the high-impact Information Research Journal

December, 2023

The study titled “Youth and Instagram Stories: A Netnographic Study During the COVID-19 Pandemic,” stemming from the research of the late Milena Possar Garcia, a member of SMU who passed away in 2021, has been published in the prestigious Information Research journal. This marks a moment of great joy for the group, as Milena’s work can now impact researchers worldwide interested in the social relationships mediated by social media technologies. The study is accessible under the “Main Publications” tab.

SMU Member Angelo Gozzi Delivers Lecture on Data-Driven Culture at USP

May, 2023

Angelo Gozzi, a member of SMU, recently gave a presentation to students at the University of São Paulo (USP). The researcher had the opportunity to engage with undergraduate students from USP on Data-Driven Culture applied to big data. The talk took place within the context of the Information Technology Fundamentals course, taught by Alan Angeluci and attended by students from ECA (School of Communications and Arts) and other units, such as the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics (IME) and POLI (Polytechnic School). The knowledge exchange proved to be highly enriching for all involved.

Alan Angeluci Invited to Deliver Keynote Lecture at UFMA's PPGCOMPro

August, 2023

Renowned researcher Alan Angeluci was invited to deliver the keynote lecture at the PPGCOMPro program of the Federal University of Maranhão. In his presentation, he addressed a topic that has been his focus in recent years: digital methods. The invitation came from the coordinator of the Maranhão program, Professor Marcio Carneiro dos Santos, one of Brazil’s leading experts in digital methods and prototypes research.

UFV Partnership Yields Positive Results

October, 2022

Two exciting announcements have emerged in 2022 regarding the partnership between the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) and Professor Alan Angeluci, leader of SMU.

Firstly, the approval of the “Colônia” project through the research funding grant from FAPEMIG, the research foundation of the state of Minas Gerais, is a significant achievement. The project was proposed by Dr. José Guilherme Prado Martin, leader of the FERMICRO laboratory and responsible for the study.

Secondly, another positive outcome from the same project is the approval of a scientific article in the prestigious Journal of Biological Education. This article stems from the doctoral research of Jonas Teixeira, supervised by Martin and co-supervised by Alan Angeluci. Titled “Let’s play? A systematic review of board games in biology,” it exemplifies the interdisciplinary spirit of the SMU group.

These achievements underscore the collaborative efforts and commitment to impactful research within the partnership. Details of the study can be accessed through the “Main Publications” section.


June, 2022

In 2022, SMU became part of the School of Communications and Arts of the University of São Paulo (ECA-USP) – the best university in Latin America and the Caribbean and among the top ones according to the QS World University Rankings. With Professor Alan Angeluci, the group’s leader, migrating to the School of Communications and Arts in June, the process of integrating the group has already begun, including registration changes with the CNPq research group directory. Further changes are on the horizon. The new house in São Paulo and the contemporary technological transformations, combined with the group’s tradition, brought with greater force the demands for applied research that seek to better understand the relation between emerging technologies/new media and social, cultural, physical and virtual spaces through digital methods and data science analytics and visualization.

SMU Member Leads Workshop on Big Data Handling at USCS Postgraduate Program Event

March, 2022

As part of the training week organized by the Stricto Sensu Postgraduate Program at USCS, a workshop titled “Big Data: Access, Handling, and Storage of Primary and Secondary Data” was conducted. Led by SMU member Alan Angeluci, the workshop aimed to equip participants with skills and knowledge regarding tools and software for collecting and analyzing large datasets. Additionally, it addressed ethical considerations, responsible AI, and other issues related to the National Data Protection Authority and LGPD (General Data Protection Law).

SMU Group Marks 2021 with High-Impact Scientific Publications

December, 2021

The year 2021 saw the SMU group achieve significant milestones with impactful scientific publications in high-profile journals. For instance, researcher Marcello Farias, alongside Alan Angeluci and Brasilina Passarelli, published their master’s study in the prestigious Observatório journal, titled “Web Scraping and Data Science in Applied Research in Communication: a study on online reviews.” Alan Angeluci also contributed two high-impact articles, resulting from his collaboration with Polish researcher Agatha Blachnio from The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, focusing on Phubbing. These studies received support from the CNPq Universal Grant (Process n° 424802/2016-3) and the National Science Centre (Narodowe Centrum Nauki) in Poland (Process n° 2017/25/B/HS6/01517). They are titled “Measurement Invariance of the Phubbing Scale across 20 Countries” and “Country Indicators Moderating the Relationship Between Phubbing and Psychological Distress: A Study in 20 Countries.” The publications can be found in the “Main Publications” section.

Lecture on Data Science in Communication Practice is given by two guests

March, 2021

The lecture “Data Science in Communication Practice” was moderated by Prof. Alan Angeluci (USCS) with the participation of the following guests: Angelo Gozzi: Holds a postgraduate degree in digital marketing from Belas Artes in 2018, working in the field of online media and business intelligence as a professional since 2017. He has worked for agencies such as Oribá, B-Young, and Tryout, serving major players including Grupo Fleury, FAAP, Dow Química, Banco Pine, Multibenefícios GPA, Embelleze, among others. He is the author of the course “Google Data Studio – Deliver Intelligence,” available on Udemy and certified by Google and Facebook for campaign delivery and results monitoring. Marcelo Ruiz: Has been involved in digital journalism since 1997. He was the executive editor of Diário Online, the website of Diário do Grande ABC, editor-in-chief of the website of the São Paulo City Council, and editor of Metro Jornal. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Communication at PPGCOM-USCS.

The video can be found here:

SMU is in Mourn but Celebrate Milena Possar Garcia's Post-Mortem Defense

February, 2021

SMU is in mourning. The symbolic defense of Milena Possar Garcia, who passed away suddenly in December 2020 is an important process, though. February 2021 marked the post-mortem defense of the researcher and SMU member Milena Possar Garcia. Milena is one of the founders of the group, having been present since its early meetings in 2014, when she was still an undergraduate student. Her panel was composed of Professor Rodrigo Francisco-Botelho from the Federal University of Paraná and Professor Priscila Ferreira Perazzo, along with the work’s advisor, Alan Angeluci. At the end of the symbolic defense, where Milena was approved, the video above made by friends and colleagues from SMU and the Master’s in Communication was shown, who had the privilege of living with the researcher in her little over 20 years of life. She will be forever remembered fondly.

The video can be found here:

USCS Day 2020 Webinar Unveils Gamified Trail

November, 2020

The USCS Day is an annual event hosted by the University of São Caetano do Sul. During this event, students in the midst of college entrance exams from various schools participate in a full day of activities to learn more about the institution and its courses. The USCS Day 2020 was a resounding success! Therefore, we invite you to join the webinar where we will present this case, in which we had the pleasure of developing a Gamified Trail for this special day:

In addition to Renato de Amorim Gomes, Managing Partner of Wire Edtech Solution, we have the participation of Alan Angeluci, IT and Communication Professor, and Jean Rafael Tomceac, Game Designer Specialist in playful learning.

Phubbing Project Videos Now Available on SMU's YouTube Channel

September, 2020

The videos about the Phubbing project are already prepared and available on SMU’s YouTube channel. In the videos, there is a significant summary of the information gathered over the 3 years of research, which had the collaboration of some SMU members, such as Milena Garcia, Carolina Gois Falandes, and Silvana Comunian.

The video can be found here:

Paper Published in Communication and Education Journal Explores Use of Podcasts in Combatting COVID

June, 2020

A study investigating the use of sound media in combating COVID has been published in the Communication and Education journal. The paper details the experience of the “#MDDFcontraocorona” project, an educational initiative employing digital media in vulnerable communities in the ABC region of São Paulo. A committee comprised of favela residents and education and communication experts collaborated to produce and distribute six educational podcasts addressing COVID-19 prevention tailored to the reality of social isolation and misinformation in the favelas. Interviews conducted with residents allowed for the assessment of nuances in promoting changes in knowledge, skills, attitudes, and socialization. The project posed a challenge for SMU researchers, who conducted the entire research and data collection process digitally and remotely during the pandemic, given the necessary distancing measures.

The article can be read here: link

SMU Hosts Workshop on Prototypes in Human-Computer Interaction with Professor Sanaz Fallakahair, from University of Brighton (England)

August, 2019

At the invitation of SMU, Professor Sanaz Fallakahair conducted a workshop on prototypes in human-computer interaction with members of the research group and the Master’s Program in Communication at USCS. The English researcher also took advantage of the stay funded by SMU to hold a working meeting between IBM research type researchers in São Paulo and SMU members, with the aim of establishing possible collaborations.

High School Scientific Initiation Student Presents Research at Scientific Initiation Exhibition

April, 2019

High school scientific initiation student, Gabriel Araújo Magalhães, a PIBIC scholarship holder, showcased his work during the Scientific Initiation Exhibition. His research, conducted in partnership with master’s student and SMU member, Alexandre Quaglio, focused on the use of flipped classroom utilizing multiple screens in teaching-learning scenarios.

SMU Collaboration with UTA-Chile Progresses, Sending Students to Universidad de Tarapacá en Arica

September, 2018

Master’s students Alexandre Quaglio and Carolina Gois Falandes, both members of SMU, are currently in Arica as part of an exchange program to advance their master’s research. Their work falls under the umbrella of Professor Alan Angeluci’s project, which, in collaboration with Professor Vagner, has secured funding from CONYTIC. Records indicate various stages of the students’ research, including field data collection from students and residents of the Chilean city.

SMU Advances Research Collaboration with Universidad de Tarapacá en Arica, Chile

June, 2018

As a visiting professor at the Universidad de Tarapacá en Arica (UTA), SMU leader Alan Angeluci has been immersed in advancing two crucial stages of the research project he leads with Professor Vagner Beserra (Universidad de Tarapacá) on Digital TV and multiscreen and their communicational and educational aspects, funded by CONYTIC (Chile’s equivalent of CAPES). These stages include data collection and theoretical framework analysis, as well as the Gantt chart for applied research – to be carried out next semester under the supervision of master’s students Alexandre Quaglio and Carolina Gois Falandes, both SMU members. They will also travel to Chile to conduct part of their research linked to this umbrella project. The exchange with students in workshops and fellow professors has been rewarding. Special thanks are extended to partners Vagner Beserra and Monica Navarrete – the latter leading the “Explora” Program, one of Chile’s key projects bridging elementary school students and academia. UTA is a state public institution located in the far north of Chile.

Diário do Grande ABC Hosts Key Debate on Fake News

May, 2018

The newspaper Diário do Grande ABC organized an important debate on its TV program, broadcasted on YouTube. The topic, ‘If it’s fake, it’s not news,’ aimed to discuss the issue in the contemporary world, how to identify fake news, its impact on society, and how students in schools and universities should be prepared to deal with this problem. The conversation was live and featured the participation of SMU professor Alan Angeluci, Professor Luiz Alberto de Farias from ECA-USP, and journalist Evaldo Novelini, the Editor-in-Chief of Diário.

SMU Workshop: Data Extraction and Visualization from Social Networks

December, 2017

The workshop “Data Extraction and Visualization from Social Networks” was held with approximately 15 visiting students. SMU leader Alan Angeluci discussed the use of techniques and tools for extracting digital data from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as visualization tools for relationships and interactions using Gephi. Subsequently, master’s students Samuel Carvalho, Silvia Carvalho, and Regiane Bianchini, members of SMU, showcased prototypes they developed in Professor Angeluci’s class with applications in public interest topics. For example, Samuel discussed the importance of private companies’ engagement in public interest actions using the “#MeToo” movement as a case study, while Silvia and Regiane analyzed data from Brazil’s violence map and the publications on the USP Violence Center’s social networks regarding femicide.

USCS Professional Master's Program Teachers Visit Bixiga Memory Center

December, 2017

The professors from the Professional Master’s Program in Public Communication Innovation at USCS, including SMU leader Alan Angeluci – accompanied by Antonio Carlos Pedro, coordinator of the university’s cultural action center – conducted a technical visit to the Bixiga Memory Center on Tuesday afternoon (12). The center is affiliated with SODEPRO (Society for the Defense of Traditions and Progress of the Bixiga Neighborhood). Located on Treze de Maio street in São Paulo, the space is very close to the USCS Medical campus and was founded by Walter Taverna, a former resident of the neighborhood who welcomed the professors at the event. The purpose of the meeting was to identify possibilities for agreements between the PPGCOM-USCS and SODEPRO for future research and social inclusion work in that space.


April, 2017

SMU from USCS and Teacher Narratives and Digital Information and Communication Technologies from Methodist University of São Bernardo do Campo (UMESP) met April 2017 to discuss their topics of interest, ongoing research, and opportunities for institutional exchanges and partnerships. More details at the event website here.

SMU Hosts Media Criticism Seminar

October, 2016

The Media Criticism Seminar, supported by SMU, is scheduled to take place on October 6th and October 20th, 2016, at the Municipal University of São Caetano do Sul. Two distinguished speakers have been invited to delve into the intricate connections between content production by mass media and its influence on public opinion, as well as the broader implications of communication systems on socioeconomics and ideological matters.

New Release: 'Comunicação Transmídia' Now Available!

September, 2016

“Comunicação Transmídia” a book edited by SMU research leader Alan Angeluci, is now available for free on the EdiPUCRS publisher website: link.

Esteemed authors have contributed their perspectives on this groundbreaking research topic, including Carlos Alberto Scolari, Vicente Gosciola, João Massarolo, Geane Alzamora, Denis Renó, Lorenzo Vilches, and others.

New paper published on Springer Journal about second screen

March, 2016

“Exploring Second Screening: QR Codes, Hashtags, or Audio Watermarks? A Case Study” has recently been published in the Springer Journal Multimedia Tools and Applications. This collaborative effort features SMU researcher Alan Angeluci and Gustavo Calixto alongside colleagues from UNESP – Leire Mara Bevilaqua, Gleice Bernardini, and Maria Cristina Gobbi. Employing a triangulation method approach, which includes prototype development, quantitative and qualitative questionnaires, and focus group discussions, the study conducts user test sessions to gather participant perceptions and reactions while second screening using variations of QR codes, hashtags, and audio watermark markers.

The paper is accessible via the following link: 

Päivi Aarreniemi-Jokipeltö Visiting USCS

September, 2015

Päivi Aarreniemi-Jokipelto, from Haaga-Helia University in Finland, visited USCS in September 2015 to explore projects and partnerships related to innovation in technology and education. During her visit, the Finnish researcher engaged in discussions with SMU members.

Masterclass Led by Professor Straubhaar

July, 2015

The opening class for the second semester of the 2015 USCS Master’s Communication Program will be taught by Professor Joseph Straubhaar, the Amon G. Carter, Sr. Centennial Professor of Communication at the University of Texas at Austin, USA. Professor Straubhaar will be in Brazil to participate in collaborative projects with SMU researchers and has been invited to lecture on “TV globalization and new media: epistemological communication trends.” The Masterclass will take place on Tuesday, the 18th of July, at 2:00 PM, on the 2nd floor of the USCS Centro Building (located at 50 Santo Antônio St., São Caetano do Sul).

Papers Accepted for the INTERCOM Congress

June, 2015

Two papers produced during the course ‘Communication and New Digital Media’ have been accepted for presentation at the ‘XXXVIII Brazilian Congress of Communication Sciences,’ taking place from September 4th to 7th, 2015, at UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro). Master’s students Rita Donato and Giovanni Ferreira de Lima will be presenting the paper titled ‘Empowerment in Ciberculture: The Case of Escola Livre de Teatro de Santo André.’ Additionally, SMU member Marco Antonio Nogueira will be presenting ‘The Mediated Mobilism Generation,’ co-authored with Professor Alan Angeluci.

Global ITV Project Addresses Interoperable Interactive TV Platforms

October, 2014

Alan César Belo Angeluci, SMU research leader, was the keynote speaker at the 8th edition of The Developer’s Conference, held by Globalcode from August 5th to 9th at Anhembi Morumbi University in São Paulo.

The Developer’s Conference, occurring in São Paulo since 2007, fosters knowledge exchange in IT, particularly in programming languages and business. In its 8th edition, the conference will host various tracks discussing market trends in topics such as Digital TV, Android, Windows 8, iOS, Java, Python, Testing, Cloud Computing, Games, Robotics, Business, Mobile, among others.

Alan Angeluci’s presentation delved into the Global ITV project, a bilateral Brazil-Europe initiative supported by CNPq and FP7. This project works on interoperability solutions for interactive TV platforms, emphasizing technical innovations, user experience, second screen usage, and social media integration.

Alan Angeluci Shares Second Screen Research at University of Texas, Austin

September, 2014

SMU researcher Alan Angeluci recently presented the key findings of his research on second-screen usage at the Radio-Television-Film Department in the Moody College of Communication building at the University of Texas at Austin. Among the esteemed audience were renowned professors Joseph Straubhaar, Wenhong Chen, and Sharon Strover.

Smart Media & Users Research Group Inaugurated

September, 2014

The SMU Research Group, established in September, 2014 at the Municipal University of São Caetano do Sul (USCS) in São Caetano do Sul, Brazil, operates within the vibrant industrial pole of the ABC region in the São Paulo metropolitan area. Grounded in Communication and interdisciplinary research, the group focuses on exploring the relationship between emerging technologies/new media and various societal dimensions. Their research spans topics such as the Internet, TV, mobile devices, social media, youth, and communities, blending applied and theoretical approaches.

The group was created by Professor Alan Angeluci as part of the Postgraduate Program in Communication at the Municipal University of São Caetano do Sul and serves as a space for interdisciplinary research between communication and technology. The group has been formally registered in the CNPq research groups directory and accepted by the hosting institution, USCS. It already includes undergraduate and master’s students as well as researchers, both from USCS and collaborating national and international partners such as the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Brighton, England.